Jonathan Letts is a freelance bassist and instructor who moved to Portland in 2012 to become part of the city’s vibrant scene. He was a music education major at Northern Michigan University in his hometown of Marquette, Michigan. Jonathan has played with notable jazz and blues musicians in the Northwest including Dick Berk, Earl Thomas, Dave Fleschner, and Ben Rice.

Roger Groendyke has been creating songs for over 20 years and has released several CDs. He is an active DJ, known as Mr Chill’R, and is also a Board Member and the Education Chair.

Seth Tucker is a multi-instrumentalist who has been involved in Music Education both domestic and abroad. Seth directed an educational recording studio in Bolivia for two years, teaching youth how to play instruments and use music technology to create hip hop, rock, pop and folklore songs. As Music Director, Seth produced CDs of student-made music, organized concerts for students to exhibit their songs, and won national music awards.

The popular phrase “it takes a village” applies well to Old Library Studio.  We are fortunate to have a very dedicated group of people who believe passionately in encouraging and mentoring youth in the creation and recording of music.  Old Library Studio consists of three officers, a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and a group of enthusiastic teachers/volunteers whom we call “the crew”.  On top of all this, we have had the support of many granting organizations, philanthropic individuals, and the community in general. 

Robert Goldie, President
Sue Ellen Dolan, Vice President
Roger Groendyke, Education Director

Board of Directors

Sue Ellen Dolan, 2015
In 2003, Sue Ellen and her husband Dan founded Old Library Studio. She served as President from 2003 to 2005 and is currently serving as Secretary. In 2004, Sue Ellen and Dan helped to rescue the NE YMCA and assisted in turning it into the NE Community Center. A creative and vibrant person who always has space in her heart to help the people around her, Sue Ellen currently divides her time between community work, parenting, and serving on several other boards.
Jeffery Evans, 2017
Jeff is a music educator, multi-instrumentalist, performer and recording artist. He received his BM in music education from the Portland State University College of the Arts, and is currently working in the public school system of the greater Portland area. Jeff teaches students about Music Technology, the art of choral singing, and how to incorporate music into everyday life in order to create a more beautiful world.
Robert Goldie, 2014
Bob is on his second term with the Board, and is presently serving as President.  He manages the CADD section in the Portland Water Bureau.  In his spare time, he is also a singer/songwriter, and enjoys recording music.  He can often be found late at night reading music magazines and keeping up with the latest recording and performing technologies.
Roger Groendyke, 2016
Roger is a member of the "leisure class," being a retired high tech "Silicon Forest" dweller. In his past career reincarnations, Roger was a chemist, a Junior and Senior High School science and social studies teacher before entering the world of high tech at Electro Scientific Industries. Roger has spent more than 20 years learning to create songs, and has released several albums of ambient electronica music. He has a DJ handle of “Mr Chill’R”. Roger also volunteers as a teacher with OLS.

Advisory Board

Steve Berlin is a Grammy award winning professional musician (Los Lobos) and music producer. Steve joined the advisory board in 2006 and has served as an ambassador to our program, as well as donating items for past fundraisers.

Larry Crane is a former board member of OLS. He is the editor and founder of Tape Op, a creative recording magazine. Larry also owns an operates Jackpot! Recording Studio, Inc., here in Portland, OR. Larry has generously donated a lot of the equipment in the Old Library Studio, for which we are extremely grateful. Larry joined the board in 2006.

Dan Dolan founded Old Library Studio in 2003 with his wife Sue Ellen and is presently serving as Treasurer. Dan is president of A-Boy Electric & Plumbing, a family-owned local hardware company; Globe Lighting, and several related companies. An inventive and generous spirit keeps Dan always looking for creative ideas and people to make it happen.

Mary Ann Harty began volunteering at OLS in early 2004. In fall 2008 she joined the Advisory Board following a three year stint as Board President. While neither musician nor techno-nerd, Mary Ann found sufficient space between the beats to contribute a little syncopation in the areas of strategy, organization and motivation. A multiple career changer, Mary Ann's work history ranges from librarian to cost accountant to political organizer and chief financial officer. As a lifetime volunteer Mary Ann happily donates her time to organizations in transition. Mary Ann is currently serving in Peace Corps, Armenia where she keeps in touch with FOOLS via the great www.

Neil Kimmelfield is a former member of the Board and officer (Secretary), joining the advisory board in the winter of 2009. Neil has more than 25 years as a tax attorney. Neil’s practice emphasizes structuring corporate, partnership, and real estate transactions, counseling large and small businesses, exempt organizations in tax matters, litigating tax cases in federal courts, and handling administrative controversies before the IRS.

Jeff Leonard, a bassist, and former board member, has appeared on nearly 100 albums, as performer, composer, producer, and arranger. His group ValGardena recorded three albums for Mercury Records, and he has recorded and toured extensively with Tom Grant, Dan Balmer, and John Nilsen. He has worked with a diverse assortment of artists, including Diana Ross, Renee Fleming, Wayne Horvitz, Bob Moses, and the Maguire Sisters with the Buddy Rich Band. He is currently a faculty member at Lewis & Clark College, and can be found around town performing with his group, Upper Left Trio.

Dr. Terry McGraw is a former board member of OLS, and joined the advisory board in the fall of 2008. Dr. McGraw is an accomplished jazz pianist, home audio recording artist, and pediatric anesthesiologist at OHSU. As a lifelong musician, he has a relentless enthusiasm for all things musical, and in particular anything related to recording and electronics. A physician and teacher at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Terry also shows great passion for children and education.

Matt Miner, who worked in public television for over 30 years, currently produces capital campaign videos for non-profits and presents house concerts featuring local and touring singer-songwriters and jazz performers. He has also played the drums in various bands for over 40 years. Matt joined the advisory board in fall of 2008.