When I decided to get into internet marketing, my attempts were concentrated on trying to choose what I expected would be a hot niche market and then making the site From a “niche market”, I’m referring to a marketplace where there’s an interest from a small but large group of people (niche market) for a service or product and nobody My aim was to serve them and make a profit at the exact same time. This turned out to be a significant task on its taking quite a little time and energy.

There are a lot of specialist sites on the internet that promise you the world but don’t actually deliver their promise. Their main aim is to just get your money, give you a couple of tidbits of information, then leave you by yourself. They tell you exactly what tools you may use, but not how to use them efficiently. They just give you half of everything you really need, so it is not possible to discover the right niche market where you may actually create a thriving business.

I downloaded their free PDFs, they promised they could sell for $97 and would tell me what I wanted to know. The principal focus of this guide is to explore the security you need on your own site for the protection of your digital files. After I finally got a handle on my planned niche market, I then proceeded to make a site. Initially, it seemed like a major undertaking, but after I got into it, it was really straightforward.

I needed to learn about HTML and MySQL databases, but this wasn’t as hard as it first seemed. You’ll be amazed at what you can find on the internet simply by looking for ”HTML tutorials” or ”MySQL tutorials” or any variant of the phrase search. Before long, I’d set up my site. Soon it became evident that simply having a fantastic website wasn’t enough to entice visitors. After learning a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I finally managed to get on page 1 or two of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, AOL, Initially, I was very excited as today it was easy for people to locate my website.

Although a lot of legitimate traffic came to my website, so did lots of hackers. I soon found my merchandise being downloaded illegally rather than being compensated for. Some forums really had a direct link (hotlink) to my download page. All people had to do was copy this link on their site. They can then use this to illegally download my product. I had signed up with PayPal and so I guessed my site was safe. The one thing that would be secure would bet any money that I got.

Unfortunately, my earnings were small because my merchandise has been downloaded for no price. It was evident that I had security against revenue loss, in addition to, for earnings collected. You can’t make any gains if people can download your product without paying for it. I soon also discovered that people who downloaded and paid for my merchandise would download it once, again taking out of my gains. It soon became evident that I needed to have some form of protection that would offer my site some security.

Being a newcomer to internet marketing, my funding was slim to none. I had to figure out ways to secure my site without breaking me, as they say, an arm and a leg. I searched the internet for help with on-site protection and security. There are loads of people on the internet trying to sell you high-cost security together with monthly charges, but none tell you about the security features that are easily accessible to you on the internet involving minimal or no costs for you.

Thankfully, after some heavy digging, I was able to discover some very good sites that would help in providing you with ideas on the best way best to protect your website. The information wasn’t always complete since they also had to earn money, so they would provide enough information to whet your appetite, which wasn’t too bad. By building on this information, I was able to think of some free ways to supply some good security for my site.

– The IP address of people trying to hack into my site so that they can be tracked down.

– Security is awake when people are downloading my products robbing me of prospective earnings.

– Security actions were instantly taken when I guessed my site was hacked.

– The Time and Date of prohibited access to my site so I could filter out all hacking attempts made to my site.

I’d finally come up with the greatest economical security for my site. On the last note, no site can be made 100% protected. Regardless of what people tell you, or, how much money you invest, you can’t ever make your site completely secure.